Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder
Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States. Alcohol abuse and dependence can affect all aspects of a person's life. Long-term alcohol use can cause serious health complications, damage emotional stability, finances, career, and impact one's family, friends, and community.
Identifying Alcoholic Behavior:
Source:  Alcohol and Drug Administration
  • Individual has a high breathalyzer test result
  • Individual attends office meetings, court appearances, or other functions after drinking
  • Individual drinks in the morning or during business hours
  • Individual drinks substantial amounts of alcohol, and drinks often
  • Individual becomes defensive about drinking
  • Individual experiences memory loss (blackouts)
  • Individual experiences increased or decreased tolerance
  • Legal problems in combination
  • Individual has made past attempts to stop drinking
  • Individual makes statements about his/her drinking that signals a drinking problem
Every aspect of an addicted or depressed attorney's life is affected. If you recognize the warning signs in yourself or a colleague, call The Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (De-LAP) (302) 777-0124 or toll-free 1-877-24DELAP or e-mail

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