There are two components to the Mentoring Program offered to Delaware attorneys. Component I is designed to elevate the competence and professionalism of Delaware's new admittees and recently admitted attorneys and thereby increase the probability of their long-term success. For additional information on this mentoring component, please contact the Delaware State Bar Association (DSBA) at 302-658-5279.
 Component II of the Mentoring Program is open to all members of the Delaware Bar. This component is a combined effort of the Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (DE-LAP), its Professional Guidance Committee (PGC), and Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC). It seeks to further educate all Delaware lawyers through a series of continuing legal education programs on the Rules of Professional Conduct, effective law office management, best practices in running a law practice, avoiding the most common complaints ODC receives, and other pertinent topics. For additional information on this mentoring component, or if you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee, please get in touch with DE-LAP at 302-777-0124 or e-mail