Executive Director



Carol P. Waldhauser has been the Executive Director for The Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (DE-LAP) since September 2006.  DE-LAP offers confidential assistance to Judges and Lawyers to help them identify and address problems such as depression, stress, substance abuse/dependence, gambling addiction and other illnesses and to assist them in developing effective solutions to enhance both their quality of life and work. 


Ms. Waldhauser came to DE-LAP with more than eight years of professional employee assistance experience as Assistant (Deputy) Director of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Lawyer Assistance Program where she assisted hundreds of individuals in Maryland’s legal community focusing on substance abuse/dependence, stress management and employee assistance programs (EAPs). 


She has a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-law and business from Stevenson University (f/n/a: Villa Julie College) and extensive graduate work in public policy, law, organizational counseling/employee assistance, substance abuse and addiction from the University of Baltimore’s School of Business and Law, as well as The Johns Hopkins University.  Moreover, Ms. Waldhauser received certification status from the University of Maryland, School of Social Work as certified international employee assistance professional. 


As an International Certified Employee Assistance Professional and Certified Wellness Inventory Coach,  Ms. Waldhauser is trained and/or certified in the following areas:  Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Divorce Mediation Skills, Grief Counseling, Substance Abuse Professional/Federal DOT regulations for Substance Abuse Professionals; Wellness Inventory Facilitator and Coach; Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention (trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing by Jeffrey Mitchell, the developer of the process).  Moreover, Ms. Waldhauser received executive certification from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business for Nonprofit Fund Development and Grant Writing.


In addition to her education, Ms. Waldhauser has more than 20 years of law office experience in the small firm/solo environment. She has written many articles that have been published in legal journals throughout the country; speaks to the judiciary and attorneys on problems and solutions regarding quality of life in the legal profession and lawyers’ assistance program specifically and is executive producer of the DE-LAP PODCAST Attorney Buoyancy.