Professional Guidance Committee

An attorney with a personal or medical problem may, in some cases, need specific assistance to meet law practice demands during a difficult time.
 A new lawyer may be faced with problems that he/she cannot solve.
A seasoned lawyer has moved from a large firm setting to a small office or opened a solo practice, and he/she needs mentoring or guidance.
These are examples of how the Committee on Professional Guidance can help.
The Committee on Professional Guidance provides peer counseling and support to lawyers overburdened by personal or practice-related problems. It offers help to lawyers who, during difficult times, may need assistance in meeting law practice demands.
The members of this committee, individually or as a team, will help with the time and energy needed to keep a law practice operating smoothly and protect clients—the Professional Guidance Committee and The Lawyers Assistance Committee work under confidentiality Rule 8.3.
 Call a member if you or someone you know needs assistance or go to The Delaware State Bar Association’s website and click “sections and committees” then click sections to Professional Guidance Committee or call the Committee Chair, Candace Holmes, Schmittinger & Rodriguez, phone: 302-674-0140.
Click here to apply to volunteer for the Professional Guidance Committee.